Light Duty Fixings

Product specifications for Light Duty Fixings.

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NP - Nylon Plugs

Specification for Nylon, Universal and Nylon Multi Plugs

EXA - Express Nails

Specification for Express Nail Anchors

PP - Plastic Plug

Specification for Plastic Plugs

HFZ - Hammer Fixings BZP

Specification for HFZ - Hammer Fixings CSK & Large Head BZP

HFX - Hammer Fixings STST

Specification for HFX - Hammer Fixings CSK A2 Stainless

FFZ - Frame Fixings BZP

Specification for FFZ - Frame Fixings BZP

IFR - Insulation Supports

Specification for INS - Nylon and Metal Insulation Supports

CPF - Ceiling & Plasterboard Fixings

Specification for CPF - Ceiling and Plasterboard Screw Fixings

MCA - Metal Cavity Anchors

Specification for MCA- Metal Cavity Anchor Sets & Setting Tool

BE - Brass Expansion Anchor

Specification for BE - Brass Expansion Anchors